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Port Vintage

From a single exceptional vintage and only from the best plots of the vineyard. After maturing for 2 years, without filtration, the wine is bottled where it continues to mature in the absence of air. Very rich in color, with tannins, fruit and acidity allowing long aging. Powerful, racy, complex, and deep wine. The bouquet is dominated by black fruits or forest fruits associated with black grapes. Long-aging wine, at least 15 years and up to more than a century. Note that it is the Port Wine Institute that declares a Vintage.

There is a tradition associated with serving Vintage red ports: the host carefully opens the bottle, pours himself, recaps the bottle and hands it on to the guest on his left who repeats the operation until the bottle is passed into the hands of all the guests and returns to the possession of the master of the house. The most important guest, seated to the right of the master of the house, thus serves himself last. This oddity to usual usage is attributed to the English. It is only then, after a toast or not, that everyone is happy to be able to enjoy this nectar of the gods.

To our knowledge, Vintage Port is the only wine in the world to be served in this way.

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