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pintadeau-au-porto-supremes-plate bernard-chemarin


Recipe made with a Quinta Port St José Vintage Port 2016



Ingredients :

  • 4 guinea fowl supremes (fillet with fin)
  • 100g of butter
  • ½ onion
  • 1 tomato
  • 2 shallots
  • 1 carrot
  • Herbs of Provence,
  • a laurel leaf
  • ½ litre of homemade veal stock
  • 100g mushrooms
  • 80g of bell onions
  • 70g of bacon
  • ¼ of a litre of good Port (here a Quinta St José Vintage Port 2016)
ingredients-recipe-pintadeau-au-porto-bernard-chemarin-tante-yvonne-lyon  ingredients-pintadeau-fond-de-veau-carotes-herbs-porto


  Difficulty of the recipe: easy  

Realization of the recipe:

In a sautoir melt the butter and add the shallots cut in half.



Season the 4 guinea fowl supremes before cooking. Never attack the meat: cook it over a low heat to prevent it from shrinking. Start on the skin side to gently brown the pieces in a hazelnut butter.



make-return fire-sweet


Meanwhile start preparing the filling: To make a slightly peasant dish, do not filter the filling at the end but serve it all.

  • Cut the carrot into 4 and then into small cubes
  • Add the chopped onion
  • Then the tomato cut into cubes
Cut the carrot into 4, then into small cubes. 




Once the guinea fowls are golden, deglaze them with a drop of cognac and set them aside.

One time the shingles-golden ice-cream with a dash of cognac  book the clothesline


Add the filling to the saltire used for the guinea fowls Let it brown for 2 minutes, stirring, then add the bacon

Let it come back-2 minutes by stirring-and then add the bacon.


Add ¼ of a litre of Port and let it burn a little if necessary to remove some of the alcohol. Do not reduce too much and add the veal juice

Add-a-quarter-litre-of-Porto  and let it burn a little bit.


Add the Provence herbs, bay leaf and then the guinea fowl supremes as soon as it starts to boil. Sprinkle them copiously and cover for 10 to 12 minutes (so that the cooking is done at 85° C) It is also possible to braise the guinea fowl supremes in the oven gently at 140° C

Ajouter-les-herbes-de-Provence-la-feuille-de-laurier-puis-les-supremes-de-pintadeau  Les-arroser-copieusement


After 12 minutes, remove the guinea fowls and check the cooking.


Make the sauce

The sauce will be bound in two ways. Strain the sauce through a sieve and set the vegetables aside Add 30g of roux (prepared with 15g of butter and 15g of flour) to thicken the sauce. Mix well and add 20g of potato starch to keep the sauce shiny. The main part of the binding will be done by cooking The flavours go up Add a touch of sherry vinegar to add a little pep to the sauce. Iron the sauce in a sieve Add the onions and mushrooms











For training:

Place the garnish and then the guinea fowl supreme, put some baby onions on top and drizzle with the sauce and decorate.  






A big thank you to Chef Bernard Chemarin for his welcome, his availability and his know-how!


Port wine has between 16° and 20° alcohol but do you know why?

The vinification of Port wines starts like that of traditional wines but the fermentation stops halfway when we add brandy.

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Which are the different types of Port wines?

In the beginning there were the Ruby and the Tawny then appeared the 10 years, the 40 years, the Reserve, the Late Bottled Vintage, the Vintage... All the Port wines are vinified in the same way. What differentiates them is the duration of their breeding.

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How to serve a port wine?

The red-type Port wines of the Ruby family (Ruby, Ruby Reserve, Late Bottled Vintage, Vintage) respond to a wide variety of consumer opportunities.

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