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The Ports of the Tawny family (Tawny, Tawny Reserve, Tawny with indication of age -10, 20, 30, 40 years of age or more - and Colheita) are appreciated in their youth for their aromas of candy and caramel. Then they fade with age for aromas of dried fruit, orange peel, bitter or candied orange, candied apricot, spices, nuts, coffee, or chocolate. These Ports are ideal for aperitif, strong cheese, or dessert, especially made of chocolate ...

The oxidative type of the Tawny ports is aged until maturation in contact with air and wood. They are blended according to a traditional know-how and a style specific to each producer. It is then the length of the ageing period that shapes the type of Port:

Tawny Port

It is a blend of vintages aged for 5 years to 7 years. Aromas of candy and caramel.

Tawny Reserve Port

This port is aged for at least 6 years in oak barrel. Its maturation somewhat fades the intense aromas of fruit and reveals oxidative aromas of dried fruit.

Tawny with indication of age Port

Tawny Ports with indication of age (10, 20, 30, 40 years of age or older) are more complex and more concentrated. The age indicated is the approximate average of the ages of the Ports blended after aging in oak barrels. The aromas evolve towards orange peel, walnut, coffee, or chocolate.

Colheita Tawny Port

Tawny is a vintage Tawny Port, the harvest coming from an exceptional year. It is aged at least for 7 years in oak before bottling. On the label are referred both the vintage and the bottling date. Tawny is a vintage blend wine from different years.

The 10-year-old Tawny Port is not a Port having aged for 10 years. It’s a wine from a blend, tasting, according to the producer, like a wine that has aged for 10 years.

In its composition can enter wines older, 20 years, 30 years, blended with wines of the year, in order to get the style of the house. Therefore, in the 30- or 40-year-old categories you can find Ports over 100 years old!

How to drink Port ?

Port wine is without a doubt the most famous Portuguese wine abroad. It seems it is the favorite drink of the Queen of England, Elisabeth II, to celebrate her birthday! Port is a Controlled Designation of Origin for a fortified wine from the Douro region, located in the north of Portugal.

Port wine is very rich and diversified, nose and mouth. Therefore, it accompanies your entire meal in perfect harmony with the dishes served.

The question now is which Port to drink since it exists in


•rosé (no aging),

•ruby red (bright in color, younger and fruity, aged in bottle, this is the case with LBV and Vintage) and tawny red (darker in color, with oaked aromas and dried fruits, aged in barrels). Each style has very specific characteristics.

Traditionally, for the aperitif, the Port wine should be white.

Have you tasted the tonic Port?

Pour into a 1/3 glass of dry white Port wine. Add 2/3 of tonic. Complete with mint leaves and lemon or orange slices. Serve chilled. What a delight!

This cocktail can also be made with rosé Port, especially since it is fashionable. In this case your taste buds will feel more the vibrant aromas of the fruits.

In summer, with grilled fatty fish and salads, dare to choose white. How about red? LBV pairs wonderfully with the pepper sauce and spices of your roast.

Are you passionate about chocolate desserts and cheeses? Note that Vintage Port is the great ally of dark chocolate and soft cheeses.

If you prefer milk chocolate, and hard cheeses, the tawny is for you. What a tasty sin!

As a digestif, go for a 30- or 40-year-old tawny. You will thus end your meal in supreme beauty. You got it: Port, whatever its style, is a true nectar of the Gods!

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