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Ports of the Ruby family (Ruby, Ruby Reserve, Late Bottled Vintage, Vintage) are sought after for their very rich color and their aromas of fruit, red or black forest fruits, blackcurrant, blackberry, cherry, plum, black grape ... which concentrate and become more complex in LBVs and Vintages with power and elegance. These Ports can be enjoyed both as an aperitif or at the table with grilled meat, cheese, or dessert … Reductive Ports are wines aged with little or no contact with air. They highlight the fruit and the terroir on which they are produced. It is then the length of the aging period that shapes the type of Port.

Port Ruby

Aging generally lasts less than 3 years in tuns before bottling. Sweet and fruity wine.

Port Ruby

Reserve Maturing in barrels for up to 5 years. Its fruit aromas are more intense and more complex.

Port L.B.V (Late Bottled Vintage)

From a single great vintage and aged for 4 to 6 years in tuns or in oak barrels before being bottled. Very soft on the palate, with aromas of red and black fruits. More concentrated than the Ruby.

Which Port to choose

Traditionally, the Port wine for the aperitif should be white and drunk fresh. What for? Because white is less strong in alcohol and served fresh its sweetness feels less. Thus, the meal and the wines that follow will keep their taste unchanged. And why not eat delicious canapés before you go to the table?

Red Port is reserved for the digestive Served at a temperature of about 16-18 degrees Celsius, it is the perfect match with gourmet desserts. But there's ruby red and tawny red. What is the difference?

Port wine is a fortified wine. What do we mean by that? Should we make it stronger, more robust? Yes! When making Port wine, fermentation is stopped by the addition of wine brandy at 77% of alcohol volume. It is at this point that the winemaker decides on the sweetness - sugar content - of the final wine.

But do we really know how to answer questions as varied as: what kind of wine is it? Where exactly does it come from? What grape varieties does it contain? Is it to be enjoyed as an aperitif, digestive or how? What are the recommended service temperatures? Well, here are the answers.

Ruby Port is a wine that undergoes a short ageing in barrels, then it is bottled. The flagship of the ruby style is the vintage, a year of exceptional quality to drink in 2 days. Indeed, if it is true that it can age a long time in the bottle closed in your cellar as soon as it is opened it deteriorates. Dark chocolate is a great ally!

The tawny Port is aged for several years. When it is put on the market it will no longer age. Milk chocolate will blend in with the soft tastes of the barrel.

Wines from the Douro region The Douro is also the name of the river that crisscrosses the mountains covered with vines. 50% of the grape production goes to Port wine, 50% is used to produce still wine.

The grape varieties used have names that are virtually unpronounceable in English. Please remember just the most important ones beginning with the letter "t", namely, tinta roriz, tinta franca, touriga nacional, tinto cão. As you well understand, this is a blended wine. Each grape brings its best, which translates into a great Port wine!

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