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Sparkling Wines

Portugal has a long tradition of producing sparkling wines, the best known and most famous being "Vinho Verde". This lovely wine, known for its beautiful colour, has an irresistible sparkle.

Produced in Portugal's northern region of Minho, these wines are particularly popular in the summer, when chilled and served with seafood or fresh summer salads. If you haven’t already done so, try it and you will fall in love. Recently, wines from other sea side regions have been included in this category. These new ones have a relatively low alcohol content, and are fresh, appetising and truly delightful. The most innovative companies have started to add a very light touch of carbon dioxide, turning them into sparkling wines and expanding their market to include younger consumers. Wines from the Lisbon region make an appearance at many gatherings and, like Vinho Verde wines, exit the fridge for any and every occasion. Why not try them!

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