PORTOVINTAGE.PT's selection commitee only qualifies the Ports which gave them the greatest emotions, even from unknown producers.

In each estate there are always several blends in each category of Port. Although sold under the same label, all these wines are not equivalent from a qualitative point of view.

The subscription allows you to reserve the best blends directly at the estate. Most Club Ports are not found elsewhere.

PORTOVINTAGE.PT considers that these 2 blends are of a superior level to all other Ports of the same category.


Beautiful red dress with orange highlights. Delicate nose marked by aromas of spices and dried fruits resulting from aging in oak barrels. In the mouth the wine is very elegant, with a lot of volume and a nice balance between sugar and tannins well melted. Expressive and persistent finish.

  • Grape varieties : Tinta Amarela, Tinta Roriz et Touriga Franca
  • Alcohol : 19,4 %
  • Content : 75cl bottle
  • Ageing : in oak barrels
  • Producer : Coimbra de Mattos
  • Tasting advice : To drink (at a temperature of 12 to 14 °) as an aperitif or dessert
Fine Ruby

In the eye, the wine has a deep red robe drawing on the black. Very nice nose with aromas of red fruits and plum. The palate is round with melted tannins and a refreshing finish.

  • Grape varieties : Touriga nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinto cão, Tinta Roriz
  • Alcohol : 20%
  • Content : 75cl bottle
  • Producer : Vieira de Sousa
  • Tasting advice : A port of pleasure to consume (at a temperature of 14 °) as an aperitif or dessert

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