The mission of PORTOVINTAGE.COM is to allow true amateurs to discover Portuguese wines coming directly from small producers.

Portugal is indeed a great country for wine. In addition to the Port wines (which have their 1st designation of origin since 1756), Portugal has wines that compete with the very best in the world. 

The diversity of soils, climate (of Mediterranean type and with strong maritime influences) and grape varieties, allied to the growing technicality of its winemakers, make Portugal unique and a reference whenever we talk about wine.

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The selection committee of PORTOVINTAGE.COM qualifies only the wines and ports that achieved high quality standards, as well as triggered the greatest emotions. Our wine selection comes from small producers and unknown to the general public giving it a very appraised exclusivity.

The selection committee includes as permanent members João PULIDO, the director, Rodrigo GARCIA, agronomist, and Sylvain FAVARD, our French friend and an amazing wine expert and enthusiast. Depending on the nature of the wines, we also invite regional specialists as part of our selection committee at PORTOVINTAGE.COM.

In each producer there are always several types of wine or port. Although sold under the same label, all these wines have distinct features from a qualitative point of view.

PORTOVINTAGE.COM makes possible the intersection between you and the best vineyards from small producers, that otherwise could not be found elsewhere.


PORTOVINTAGE.COM is located in Portugal, close to producers, but customer service is provided in several languages. 

In our Lisbon office, three people are fluent in French, English and Spanish. They can advise you on the choice of wines, help you place your order and inquire about deliveries.

They can also guide you in the search for a specific wine, for example a very old Port in a vintage of your choice ...

For any question do not hesitate to contact us at bonjour@portovintage.com


All our wines and Ports are stored in the producers' cellars for as long as possible. As soon as the wines are delivered to our warehouse, we check each bottle received and set up the shipping boxes.

All our shipments are insured in a rigid expanded polystyrene box or reinforced cardboard. These packages have a double advantage. Their resistance protects against possible physical shocks during transport and their insulating power against eventual temperature differences.

Moreover each box is hermetically closed by a guarantee strip which allows to control on reception that the box was not opened during the jouney to the costumer.

When your box leaves PORTOVINTAGE.COM's warehouse, you are informed by email of the expected delivery date.

Then GLS, the operator chosen by PORTOVINTAGE.COM for international deliveries, takes over. They will keep you informed by email or SMS of the status of your box from our warehouse until delivery.


Because of its organization, PORTOVINTAGE.COM can offer you the best prices.

First, as we are located in Portugal, we visit producers daily through our local branches, both in the small producers of Port and in other vineyards around the country.

Our permanent presence in the field allows us to identify the best deals. Because it wants to lighten his stock, needs cash or a customer has failed him, a producer can make us a limited offer in volume but very advantageous in price. For a limited time, our private sales allow us to give you great deals.

In the same way, by anticipating demand, we can request wines to the producer, with volumes and dates of delivery known in advance, which  makes it possible to obtain the best prices. 


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