The selection committee PORTOVINTAGE.COM qualifies only the wines and Ports that gave him the greatest emotions, including among unknown producers.

The selection committee includes as permanent members Joao PULIDO, the director, Rodrigo GARCIA, agronomist and Sylvain FAVARD, the French friend. Depending on the nature of the wines tasted, they also participate in the selection committee of regional specialists working with PORTOVINTAGE.COM.

The members of the Selection Committee travel regularly in the vineyard. They visit not only the best producers they already know but also properties whose quality has steadily increased in recent years.

In each property, all wines are systematically tasted. What the selection committee is looking for is the best quality in every type of wine. 

There are always several vintages in each category of wine or port. And although sold under the same label, all these wines are not valid from a qualitative point of view.

If the Selection Committee is not convinced by a product, it does not show it to you. It is very simple.

PORTOVINTAGE.COM thus makes it possible to reserve the best vintages directly on the property. Most of the selected wines and portals are not found elsewhere.

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