Grands vins de Porto de votre année de naissance

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Celebrating one’s birthday, one of the rare moments when we self-indulge, deserves the utmost care and attention, as well as a careful choice of wines. Of course, our favourite fine red wines are always a source of temptation, even a natural choice, but to be honest, while they do add to the celebration, it is just repeating something we already know. They do make us feel special, but not that special.

What is special on your birthday, is being able to pop open a bottle of Porto wine from the year you were born to celebrate. The lucky people who can actually do this are those who were born in

1966 - a year when the winter was very mild and humid. At the beginning of September, the vines were behind schedule, which a few days of warmth set right. This year, Indira Gandhi was elected as Prime Minister of India, and the Soviet probe Venera 3 landed on Mars.

1970- It rained in June after a rainy winter and the spring arrived only in July. The harvest was ideal, which is reflected in the Porto wines from this year. The Fiji islands declared their independence from the United Kingdom and became an autonomous nation of the Commonwealth.

1977 - A very rainy winter which ended three years of drought. The harvesting was done in very warm conditions, and the yields were plentiful. The Voyager 2 space probe was launched from the Cape Canaveral center in Florida. This probe would reach Jupiter in 1979, Saturn in 1981, Uranus in 1986 and finally, Neptune in 1989.

1983- A long and cold winter which lasted up to August. Several vineyards experienced poor flowering and late harvests during a surprisingly hot month of October. One can note the exceptional extraction of the colour of the musts and the fact that they are extraordinarily aromatic. This year, John-Paul II signed the new Code of Canon Law which replaced the 1919 version. The North-American probe Pioneer 10 left the solar system after a 11-year trip.

So many years, so many events, but still the most important thing missing: your birth. Here is an excellent suggestion to celebrate the event with the attention it deserves. Find out more at